Tilting Table Props

Designed for Drum Corps, but never made it to the field. Each prop is made in four pieces: An 8’8″ X 10′ Platform, an 8′-4″ equipment tray, and two vertical stanchions. The vertical stanchions are 8′ long and 5′-7″ tall with two casters each. The stanchions also have horizontal rungs integrated to provide the ability to climb on top of the platform when they are in the flat position. When in the flat position, the stage is just over 70″ off of the turf allowing for there to be no need for railings. These also have removable pins that allow them to be locked in the horizontal position and there is a latch that locks these in a vertical position.

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Prop Info

The tilting table prop was designed to have a winch attached that would allow for a harnessed performer to be lifted when the prop is in the vertical position. The prop can then be tilted flat allowing the performer to stand up and be elevated off the field.

We never bought the winches that were intended to be used with this prop since Covid prevented us from shipping these out, but we do have the batteries and the battery boxes in the event that you would want to utilize that feature of these props.

Finally, these are designed to be latched together side-by-side and front to back in the horizontal position. With all 12 you can make a 4 X 3 grid with the props. In the video we made a 2 X 2 matrix just to show you how they can be used.

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Designed for Drum Corps




  • (12) 8’8″ W x 10′ L x 5’9″ T Tilting Table Props

Aluminum / Plywood


With Casters


53′ Tractor Trailer


Contact us if you'd like a custom design.

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