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We are a design and fabrication shop based in Garner, North Carolina. As artists and craftspeople, we’ve created unique, custom products for clients throughout the country. Specializing in wood and metal mediums, our portfolio covers a multitude of applications. We pride ourselves on producing thoughtful designs that meet the needs of our clients who aren’t afraid to dream big.


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Jeff Hurr

Our namesake, Jeff, has always had a desire to build and create. He has a deep background, rich with experiences spanning not only decades, but also spanning the U.S., and various types of trades and crafts. After studying Product Design at the NC State College of Design in the 1970’s, he focused on woodwork – whether it was furniture, cabinets, or even homes. He spent years honing his skills as a craftsman on both small and large scale projects. 

In the late 1980’s, he shifted to another medium – steel. This led to new products such as decorative planters, railings, furniture,etc. At this point, the production level grew and so did the workforce in his shop – getting up to 12 employees at one point. After years in this phase, production began to move overseas so Jeff started doing more individual, custom projects, from news desks, custom gates, trade show displays, public sculpture and everything in between. 

In 2002, his middle daughter joined the color guard at West Johnston High School and Jeff built his first set of props for their marching band. During a period of eight years of putting his skills to use for West Johnston, he was approached by a drum corps to design and build their props. Soon after, more groups followed and slowly took over his schedule, leading to a full time job as a prop/set designer and fabricator. This work has resulted in many wonderful relationships, creative collaborations, fun designs, challenging ideas, and new skills for Jeff. 

Working with Jeff, you’ll quickly learn that he is incredibly detailed, observant, level-headed, kind-hearted, genuine, considerate, and talented. He likes to push the limits, stay busy, and get things right (we’ve coined it being “Hurralell”). If he could spend all his time building things, he would….no really, he would. His other favorite activities are spending time on the tractor with his grandkids, splitting firewood, spending time with his wife and three daughters, designing sculpture and eating ice cream (or most any dessert).

Jeff is a designer and fabricator based in Garner, NC. He has been building props for marching bands, drum corps, and indoor groups since 2002.

Professional Engineer

Chris Lewis

Chris brings a fresh and different set of skills to JHD. Having been around the marching arts since his brother’s freshman year of high school in 1995, Chris’s passion for the activity has grown and evolved exponentially over time. He was an All-State saxophone player and was drum major for three years before traveling for two summers to help with prop logistics at Boston Crusaders (2004, 2005).

Following his first summer with the Crusaders, he started at the NC State School of Engineering. He graduated with a Civil Engineering degree and a concentration in Structures. While in college, he met Katie (Jeff’s middle daughter) through mutual friends in the activity. When they began dating, it was quickly apparent that Chris fit right in with the Hurr Family. During this time, Chris worked for the North Carolina Department of Transportation as a hydraulics engineer for 8 years while also working in the shop with Jeff part time. In 2014, he obtained his Professional Engineer’s license. As the prop business began to grow, the need arose for Chris to work in the shop full time starting in 2018.

Since then, Chris has stepped into a role alongside Jeff designing, engineering, and fabricating props, as well as handling communications, logistics, and CAD drawings as needed. Chris brings great balance to the shop through his eye for design, detailed calculations, and real world business experience. Being able to use his engineering skills and background for the marching arts on an everyday basis is pretty much a dream come true for Chris as it allows two of his passions to overlap. Chris and Katie live with their two children on land next to her parents (and the shop) so there is no shortage of work and play for them. Chris also enjoys building things in his spare time, be it for their house, gifts, or sculpture around the family land. And just like Jeff, he’ll never turn down ice cream.

Chris has been involved in the marching arts since his older brother’s freshman year of High School in 1995. He was a drum major for three years before traveling for two summers with the Boston Crusaders helping with props in 2004 and 2005.


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